Medical Conditions

Conditions and symptoms treated

  • Back and Neck Pain - Sciatica, discal prolapse, stiffness, loss of normal movement
  • Sacro-Iliac joint dysfunction
  • Scoliosis - twisted and rotated spine
  • Symptoms of whiplash Injuries - associated neural and vascular trauma
  • Shoulder injuries - frozen shoulder, impingemnt, dislocation
  • Headaches - trauma and postural
  • Ill Health-Irritable Bowl Syndrome IBS-Asthma-Fatigue-Poor Sleep patterns-Restless leg Syndrome-Anxiety-poor cnncentration-Low Labido-Pelvic Floor Pain-post viral malaise
  • Hip, groin and pelvic pain
  • Ankle Sprains
  • Knee Trauma and Post Surgery Rehabilitation
  • Posture and Work Related Problems
  • Arthritic Conditions - degenerative joint diseases
  • Muscle and Biomechanical dysfunction
  • Sports injuries and evaluation of running disorders, technique imbalance, speed deficits, poor golf swing
  • Postural evaluation and corrections for babies suffering poor sleep, children and adolescents with poor posture and concentration
  • Myofacial release for soft tissue tension and related symptoms
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