Medical Case Notes

Case History - Spine - January 2016

45 year old lady presented in clinic with a 5 year history of back pain. No trauma at onset. Had consulted GP, some previous manual treatment received, no resolution.

Pain was focused in the lumbar region (lower back) periodically spread to side of left hip and outside of left leg and calf.

General Health: good - no recent blood test or imaging - no red flags
Past Medical History: nil of note
Social history: active - married - four kids aged 4 - 19

Exam - no evidence of serious pathology - no red flag signs - stands with pelvic shift to left - forward bend from standing 50% reduced - stiff middle back - lower limb power and function intact - spine and pelvis palpated without tenderness.

Exam techniques were used to assess for subluxations in her spine and sacroiliac joints (Pelvis).

Treatment - Once identified these subluxations were corrected with HVLA thrusts - controlled manipulation to realign the joints.

After 5 years of discomfort and feeling uneven body alignment this lady's symptoms were resolved in 4 treatments.

It's been a recurring feature of my 30 years in practice that, once a spine is correctly assessed, symptoms can be resolved despite the failure of previous, often extensive treatments.

Patient Comment VB
"I can't tell you what a relief it is that it's been sorted out"